ECM Forms - How to get attachments into ERP

We are just starting to develop some processes using ECM Forms to capture some data into ERP.

Mostly it has been pretty straight forward but as we progress the requirements, as always are starting to grow.

What I have currently is a form which captures some data and also has the File Upload Element on the form. The workflow I have in place uses a DocAttach data link to link the completed form to the record in ERP. This works fine but the files uploaded as attachments on the form do not come through to ERP.

Obviously the simple answer is to encourage the users to use the view in ECM option but it would be really good if there was some way to link the attachments in ERP too.

Has anyone done anything similar or have any ideas how this could be achieved?

Any insights / suggestions greatly appreciated :smiley:

@steveh Can’t say that we’ve attached docs to the Forms, but let me pose this - since the Form itself becomes the document in the workflow, I suspect that the uploaded document must also then be treated as a separate attachment - mainly because ECM is not joining them in any way into a single document.

I would create a small workflow that takes you can then assign the attached document to when it’s uploaded - this may take some figuring since it might need a new content type and default workflow since I’m not sure how you would address the uploaded document in the original workflow for the form. I can see a solution in my head, but I’m not sure where all the pieces go in the workflow(s).

If you find something that works, post back and let us all know how you did it.

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We have a form in ECM where we have the File Upload Element on the form as @steveh described.
But our ECM form stays in ECM . . . we don’t have Epicor ERP.

@steveh, if you learn anything new and interesting about the files attached to your ECM form, please share with the group . . . even if it’s just a useful SQL script to query the files attached.