ECM integration invalid username and /or password

A few weeks back we started getting errors with the ECM integration. ECM support pushed it over to the Kinetic team and does not have an answer. A restart of the ECM server has been fixing it so far until today. Now the integration no longer works and every time I test I get the error.

Astria.Framework.DataContracts.DatalinkBusinessException: Username and/or Password is incorrect —> System.Exception: Username and/or Password is incorrect
at Astria.Framework.Datalink.ThirdParty.EpicorERP.ClientMgr.Initialize(String companyID, String plantID, Boolean isKinetic)
at Astria.Framework.Datalink.ThirdParty.EpicorERP.Transactions.TransactionBase.Initialize(Dictionary`2 parameters, Boolean noMultiDBParameters, Boolean runStatic)
at Astria.Framework.Datalink.ThirdParty.EpicorERP.Engine.Query(IDataLinkQuery query)
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at Astria.Framework.Datalink.ThirdParty.EpicorERP.Engine.Query(IDataLinkQuery query)
at Astria.Framework.Business.V2.DataLinkQueryBusiness.ExecLiveQueryTest(DataLinkConnection connection, DataLinkQueryPackage dlqp)
at Astria.Service.Company.V2.DataLinkService.ExecuteLiveQueryTest(ExecuteLiveQueryTestPackage package)

Which Integration?
What version of ECM?
Do you have an ECM specific app server?

Based on the last line is this from the Test Live button? If so what lookup?

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It is the AP automation integration
Yes the App server is for ECM only. Even tried or production app server with no luck.
All lookups fail. I use the GetVersion normally to test

The error references the database AAAA0001 at the bottom which is on a seperate SQL server.

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First, I’d make sure your ECM server can actually SEE the Epicor appserver. got to command prompt and PING host where host is the exact same host specification as in your integration connection definition.

And make sure all certificates in use on both boxes are still valid.
And make sure you can connect to the appserver in your integration connection - you can use the Epicor client with some tweaks to a new sysconfig file, or you can use something like Postman. But you need to prove that the URI + Credentials work outside of ECM.

Once that is all good, then the problem is internal to ECM. I’d recreate the integration connection definition again, making sure everything is in the right case/format.

Go through that all again and if it still doesn’t work, send us a screen shot of the integration connection

I think I figured it out. I noticed the time was off by more than a few minutes for some reason on the ECM server. Manually setting the time to the exact time of the Kinetic APPlication server made it start working again.

interesting, but fairly common. Glad you figured it out!

Your ERP server and all your other servers that have SSL Certs will have this issue if they are more than 5 minutes difference. The timestamp that circulates with the certificate must be within the window to prove it’s not a hack.