ECM Miscellaneous Line Charge

We are looking at adding miscellaneous line charges to our AP Invoices in our ECM PO Workflow (Non-Inventory Invoices Only).

When testing this, I receive a GL Distribution error. It looks like ECM is wanting the GL Distribution to be equal to the LineAmt + MiscAmt. However, it is a calculated field and not pulling in the line charge that I’ve added.

Is anyone else using line charges? If so, where am I going wrong?

To the best of my knowledge, ECM will not handle line miscellaneous charges by default. To resolve the error you’re receiving you will need to incorporate that miscellaneous amount into the LineGLAnalysis table, either by adding it to the existing value or as a second line in that field group.

Thank you for the input. If I do add a second line, it pulls in the LineAmt again as it is a calculated field… I don’t have the ability to overwrite it…

You’d have to use the Set Field Group Values task to set the second line using the proper GL account and value from the misc charge. Be sure to have the Append Rows option on, otherwise it will overwrite the first GL line.

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