ECM Version 21.2.68 vs 21.1.x

Upgrading to ECM ver 21.2.68 from ver 21.1.x. Ideally, for On-Premises ECM, but insight from ECM in the cloud can also be helpful.

Q: If anyone’s done that upgrade, any noticeable functional or admin changes . . . beyond the accompanying Apache Log4J Hotfix?

I only ask, because sometimes the official Release Notes don’t tell the whole story.

Can’t say that we have noticed any changes, but we are having a problem saving a rather complex workflow now. It simply will not save, sends the browser into a very long pause (4 minutes-ish) and then doesn’t actually save the changes. We are working a ticket with support presently.

Plus, we got our first IDC problem with the logos - support says it’s images over 90x90 pixels and we’re out of luck for now. Did you have any luck with it?

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Thanks, Mike.

Regarding IDC . . . We noticed the Logo issue in Nov when we upgraded from IDC ver 7 to IDC ver 9. In ver 7, almost no Logos or other images in the E-mail Body were captured by the IDC E-mail Client App as documents. Under IDC ver 9, many Logos and other images in the E-mail Body are getting captured; most are classified as attachments.

Since most are classified as attachments, the issue is more of an annoyance. BUT, IDC includes attachments when transferring a document to ECM upon submission. So that REALLY SUCKS.

I had a working session a few days ago with someone from Ancora (on an unreleated issue). That Ancora person told me that a fix of some sort for IDC to ignore Logos and other images in the E-mail Body is being testing and will be provided soon in an upcoming IDC release.

That’s encouraging. But the enhancement that I really need: An IDC setting (ideally, at the Document Type level) to ignore ANYTHING in the e-mail body (logos, other images, etc.) when the IDC E-mail Client App pulls documents from e-mails.

I couldn’t agree more with your request. Hopefully the fix is quickly coming.

Do you have a ticket # or name on Ancora’s side? We’ve been talking to Brett Wagner and I’d like to link our cases together on their end. (Our Epiccare case# is CS0002872176)

Sorry, Mike. I don’t have a ticket. Normally, I only interact with my professional services provider, Mosaic Corp, for IDC support. Mosaic can open tickets with Epicor or Ancora. That working session I had with Ancora was a special situation. It wasn’t with anyone named Brett.

ok, np. Worth a try to expedite it for both of us.

Now that we’ve upgraded to Epicor ECM version 21.2.68, from version 21.1.98, there’s one noticeable change: The GUI is slightly different. Epicor has made the grids and fields look a little more like Epicor’s flagship apps even compared with version 21.1. The changes are subtle, but positive changes in my opinion.

I know that the DocStar logo was removed from the GUI by version 21.1. I’m pretty sure version 21.1 displayed Epicor ECM. Now, on version 21.2.68, it just displays Epicor, though the module is clearly ECM still.