ECN/ECO In Epicor

We’re looking at creating an Engineering Change Order/Notification process. I saw Epicor has an ECO field in Engineering Workbench. I’ve searched online but can find very little documentation on this module.

Does anyone have any experience using the ECO portion of Engineering Workbench that would be open to sharing best practices on using it?

The ECO system in Epicor is really designed for maintaining revisions of BOM’s. The ECO “number” is something you supply to Engineering workbench. It acts like a GroupID. You can then checkout BOM’s to this group, make changes to the BOMs, then check them back in. There are areas to to add notes and whatnot, but there is no approval process like a real ECO/ECN system.

In fact, the “Fast ECO” just creates an ECO group with your userID as the ECO “number”.

Thanks for the information. This looks like it will not work for us.