ECO parts checked out report

I know ECOREV tables holds parts checked out - but it only has approved parts…

When we check out a part - it automatically is unapproved - and when engineering changes are completed - user approves and checks back in. However, sometimes they forget this step - preventing a job from being created for this partrev. We have various users with access to do this and they use a variety of Eng WB groups (they don’t always use the one they should - nothing forces them to use ‘their’ group).

I need to find out which group has the part ‘unapproved and checked out’ so we can alert users to check it back in…trying to develop a BAQ that will list this…

When I query ECOREV for part.checkout=true … it does not include the unapproved part - (which in our case would be any part checked out)

I ran a query on the table and the parameters you suggest and our table shows unapproved parts.
There must be something else going on.


hmmm…I’ll have to dig a big deeper - Thanks!