EDA Sync Time

We are evaluating EDA right now and wondering if anyone can share how long the sync process takes for them. I know this will be highly variable based on bandwidth, number/size of changes, etc. We run Capture COS/WIP every day and send out end of day reporting that includes the posted amounts. Currently use AFR and the replication takes a minute or two. A couple thousand part and labor transactions post to probably ~100 GL accounts daily. They are wondering if we were to force a sync after the posting how quickly could the updated end of day reports be sent out? We are on Prem and have symmetrical 400Mbps internet so decent bandwidth.

I’ve got some stats I can share! We do three sync’s (and I need to split this up better in the future).

  • ERP - 2 1/2 hours. It’s the full set of scripts from Epicor, plus another 20-ish of our own to dump configurator data and some specialized sales data because we are multi-company/multi-country/etc.
  • HCM - 5 minutes - HR data scripts as delivered by Epicor.
  • Financials - 20 minutes - this is the script set for using the Financial Statements, Budgeting 7 Forecasting module in EDA.

The big thing for me to fix is the ERP scripts - I think I need 4 or 5 sets of scripts to split things up and run faster:

  • 2 which will run a few times a day for shipping and production data to get updated every 4-6 hours
  • 1 which will run twice a day and focus on sales data
  • 1 to update all the static lists/codes/parts/etc.
  • 1 to run an incremental update of configurator data (We pull the config data out of those tables and build our own so we can analyze sales data over time based on certain configurable options in our products.

You mentioned AFR, but asked about EDA script timing. Are you considering the EDA module as a replacement for AFR (We’re doing that now :-).

Remember that you also have to take into account the time it takes EDA to rebuild the ‘databases’. Are you using EDA on-prem as well, because that may mean you have more control, but our cloud side can take a few hours after a full upload depending on whatever the cloud servers are doing at the moment.

Thanks for the info Mike! Is the financials script able to be split up at all? The statements are the piece they need to run and share daily as quickly as possible following capture COS. Is there visibility on the amount of data being synced? I want to make sure I set somewhat realistic expectations if we decide to move forward. Thanks Again!

Sorry, not going to be of much help on these questions…

I’m not sure - I hadn’t looked at it at that way since it only takes a few minutes to run. it would depend on how the databases are built on the server side and whether you can sync a portion of the data. I suppose it should work fine as long as you run the correct sync scripts requires to be together.

Good question - I think on the EDA side you can see what size the ‘database’ is, but the sync engine is really only a set of SQL queries with no feedback for amount of data.

There is some info in the sync section of the Admin menu.


This shows each sync you have, the last time it successfully ran, the duration, etc.

For each sync you can drill down to each component:

This gives similar info. While it doesn’t show file size, it does give a record count so you can get an idea of what the problem tables are.

Thanks so much for the insight @MikeGross and @hackaphreaka. Like most of us try to do I will under promise and hopefully over deliver on the sync timing with EDA.