EDD - Date Format doesn't follow Culture

Probably a query for @bconner, but somebody else may know the answer…

New found love for EDD - started using it recently, and it’s proving to be a great tool for Directors to use to ask questions based on real data - nobody can hide from the KPIs!


Dates are behaving strangely though. This example above, the data should be ordered by the date column in the EDD config - if I do reverse date order, then the dates are correct. Doing ascending date like this, then it doesn’t get it correct for some reason.

Also, I want it in UK date format DD/MM/YYYY not US format of MM/DD - is that config, or a bug that it should follow System Culture but isn’t doing so?

Many Thanks


Any chance that it just looks incorrect, because the 9/3 data has no “Complaint” data?

You’re right I think that is what’s throwing it - BUT, the sort on the Columns is set on the Date. The different colours is just the “Highlight” feature.

In my mind, the colour highlighting shouldn’t alter the column order…!

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Do you have a data set that always has both Tech Req and Complaints? That would show if it’s dependent on some sort of “grouping”