EDD Goal Lines

Does anyone know how to add goal lines to EDD line charts? My best idea has been to create a BAQ to get the goal for sales of a month and the current sales of a month and as the actual sales grow the goal will shrink. Then create an EDD view that acts as a thermometer chart. Anyone else have a creative way of working around this?


When I want to put horizontal or vertical marker lines in Excel, I create another dataset with just two points.

For a horizontal line the points are

     X             Y
min(xdata)   myfixed Y value
max(xdata)   myfixed Y value

@ckrusen so then are you saying i could make a set of calculated fields within BAQ and try using those in pareto chart?

Only if you can mix chart types.

I mostly make charts for scientific data (typically scatter graphs). So I can have my real data be just points (no lines between them), and then have extra data sets (with no symbol, but with lines) just to draw lines.

If you can add a line type to your chart, then it should work