EDD Layout and View Security

I am trying to give a user rights to access the system pre-made layouts (Financial, Supply and Manufacturing) but the only way to even see those is if you are a security manager. I do not wish to give that out all over so how can I give access to just the Layout?
(I can do a work around by publishing my own copy of the system layout for all to use, but that seems like an unneeded step.)

Second issue after getting around that, is there an easy way to edit the BAQ security around those layout views (without security manager)?
Out of box it seems those BAQs are secured by a security ID only available to security managers. I could take that off and add individual groups, but the only way to do this is through Menu Maintenance. So I would need to create a fake menu item and change out the security to add users for each security ID. Seems like a lot of hassle to give out rights if you are not a security manager. Am I missing an easier way?

I have not been able to find any good documentation on EDD and homepage/layout security. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would be glad to test some scenarios out.

Thank You.

@bconner I am hoping you can weigh in on this. @Bart_Elia I thought i would include you since you seem to have some excellent advice around EDD. These new out-of-box homepage layouts are great, but it seems like there is an administration piece missing. It could become a nightmare to manage home grown ones too.


I am not sure about my excellent advice - Brian owns it and is excellent. I just get involved to review issues sometimes between internal groups. (Brian’s always right but don’t tell him).

I am aware of similar conversations but am not aware of latest for the valid response.

That is in fact what we want people to do. Make a customized (if you like) version of the layout and publish that to your relevant users. That way you have a custom version of it and we can ship updates to the base view without surprising you with a new metric that you may or may not want to expose to all your users.

We do realize though that shipping them locked down means getting them to users requires admins going through a few more steps than we’d like so that’s the downside. TBH we had a lot of debate about how locked down this should be by default so if you think it’s really over complicated I’ll pass those comments on to our PM for homepage.

The full set of steps is

  • In menu maintenance review the Homepage security codes which govern access to the baqs themselves. So granting rights to those grants rights to use the edd views that rely on them. They’re locked down by default as well.

  • As a security admin pull each layout (note they include favorites so you may or may not want to include those), customize it as you like, and republish

  • When you republish if you like use an additional security code to restrict it to the set of users you want to use it

  • Users select the layout themselves from home settings and can only see the ones you’ve published restricted by any security codes.

Covered this in my first step above, but basically we made a security code for each of the layouts (all the baqs in the layout) which you can get to and grant access to in menu maintenance. There’s a folder in there called “Homepage” with the codes in it.

ps. We are well aware that managing the security codes in menu maint is an odd process and hard to find. Used to be they existed just for menus and now they deserve a proper place elsewhere that’s easier to find so there’s some discussion about making that process simpler to find and use ongoing.


@bconner dare I suggest the obvious solution in creating a Security ID entry screen to help manage these instead of having to create a menu items. I am sure everyone said this, but you guys may have a better idea.

I understand your explanation of the default view and making a copy, we can deal with that.

I don’t know that I have a good solution to get an easy button and I love that you guys gave us a start with EDD. I think it is just misaligned expectations that these out of box homepages would be easy to just turn on and use as is. In reality there is some thought that needs to happen around security and possibly re-creating these layouts with copied BAQs and custom Security IDs.

Thanks for you explanation. One side note, there is not much up yet on the documentation side. Adding a note to the install guide about the homepage menu options may be helpful. I created my own before noticing you did it for us.:grin: