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We would like to find out what the most common method is for generating EDI (810) Invoice files. Our current version is 10.2.600.13

Our current process is to use a Data Directive on the InvcHead table using Standard instead of In-Transaction that is triggered when the posted flag turns true. This then goes to an auto print.

Our problem is when they process invoices not all of the invoices they post are EDI. It seems we get a file for each invoice instead of just the EDI ones. We do have a condition that checks if the CustNum matches a list before sending to the auto print but still we get all or nothing.

In its current state we are missing some Invoices and having to check daily to manually send the ones that missed.

EDI810.bpm (44.9 KB)

If it helps here is the current BPM that prints everything instead of just the EDI ones.

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In InvoiceHead there is a field called EDIReady. We use these in the data directive to generate 810 for only where this true. You will have to add another condition apart from the posted is true.

Vinay Kamboj

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I wrote a BPM to generate a file with required fields instead of using Auto Print and then map it in TIE Kinetix convert to 810 file. In your case, write a In-Transaction BPM to populate a field like EDIReady based on your condition and use that in Standard to initiate Auto Print.

“EDI Ready” is automatically populated by Epicor if there is an “Invoice Type” Document defined in the Customer master as shown below. As more customers are added to EDI Epicor starts creating 810s on its own based on the settings below.


With the new E10.2 feature of “Generate EDI Definition” under Report Style, maintaining and changing the output files and maps is very easy and simple.

Vinay Kamboj


Thanks Vinay. Which EDI tool are you using for mapping?

Sorry to bring back an old topic but…Did anyone solve this?

I too am trying to only print EDI 810 invoices for one customer only and I am having a tough time.

you HAVE to fill in the ALT Trading Partner ID for EdiReady to get checked.

I should have been more clear and referenced the original issue on the topic. The problem is not being able to auto print the invoices that are needed for the EDI customers only. Currently we have all EDI invoices in their own separate group, but this is not ideal.

Below are my current BPMs that do NOT work. Even with this BPM all invoices in the AR group will auto print regardless if the EDIReady flag is set or not.

  1. In transition

  2. Standard

Only report parameters modified was the invoicenum to ttinvcheadrow.invoicenum. I have tried adding filters to CustList and CustIDList with no luck.

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