EDI and Unit of Measure

We have customers and vendors sending orders via EDI. Unfortunately, they are sending the wrong unit of measure. Updating Unit of Measure in ANY system is not easy. They cannot update the UOM on their end and we will not change the UOM on our end. Has anyone created any kind of BPM or customization that would tell the system to ignore the UOM when it is being imported? Any ideas we could use to prevent these orders from ending up in the workbench when the only incorrect section is the unit of measure?

We have some that are always a 1:1 swap for a given partner. In that case, I have an xref on the map that on incoming documents will swap the UOM and put it back on the outgoing documents.

The rest, I have a BPM that will not allow importing unless the UOM matches the sales UOM. We constantly communicate those back to the partners and that has become less and less of an issue. We maybe hit Demand Workbench once a week now.

Is there a simple conversion available, such as CA (their UOM) to EA (your UOM)?

A data directive could readily convert the PO quantities to reflect your company’s UOM (CA qty * unit per case).

You may want to back up the PO’s original quantity and UOM in UD fields for audit purposes.