EDI ShipBy Date in the past

Does anyone else see EDI Errors like this? We see this from multiple customers, and I am just wondering
if this is a normal thing that is common with EDI, or if we have something configured wrong between us and the trading partners?

Its most likely the demand tab on the customer setup that’s configured incorrectly. There are a ton of lead times there to work with - and a warning or stop choice. You appear to have warning on so the files aren’t stopping (probably good) but mess with those lead times and see if your warnings clear up.

That much I understand, but the actual raw EDI file that is sent from the customer contains the dates that are in the past.

IE: The customer sends over and EDI Transaction on August 14th with a Demand Ship By Date that is 20 days in the past (July 26th). That is what is throwing me for a loop.

I was just wondering if this is something that is unique to our customers, or if everyone sees things like this.

It sounds like its bad dates from your trading partner which then ends up in Kinetic badly, too. You could just turn off lead time calcs to make it go away. I think there are a good chunk of folks that do see that happen - its dependent on the trading partner(s).

We have a lot of customers who send EDI POs. For due dates in the past we inform the customer and ask them to resend with either correct dates or no dates. If that is not an option then you can put all EDI orders on hold (check box on Demand Contract Entry) and have someone manually check them and release the hold after making all the corrections.

That is what we are doing now. Good to know that we are not the only company that experiences this issue, heh.