Edit a Tracker or Dashboard view

Hey All,

I have a tracker or dashboard view that I cannot find in dashboard maintenance or where you create the baq.

I am in need to fixing this as it’s not getting information at all. It’s under production management and then job management then general its called Open Jobs

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is it a stand alone dashboard launched from the main menu system? (As opposed to being embedded in a form). If so, you should be able to find the dashboard in Menu Maintenance. One caveat - the dropdown box sorts them by dashboard title, not ID.

Yes I can see it there but how do I edit this one item. I need to see what it’s querying to display.

Here’s the Menu Maintenance for one of our dashboards.

When I click on the Dashboard dropdown, I get


Showing that the dashboard ID is CK-Freight

Ok mine is greyed out with no info.

It looks like its not really a dashboard, but rather a UD table (UD09) to be specific

is that editable?

Yes. But a UD table is just a table of information. Either you enter info into directly, or BPM’s are used to populate it. The Form that you’re looking at won’t have any filtering or record selection like a dashboard would.

Enable Developer mode, then launch that form (your “Open Job tracker”). Select the “Open Jobs_2.9” customization (that’s the one the menu automatically launches). Then you can go into customization mode and see the underlying code.


It is probably not a shared one

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Ideally, a “UI.UDxxEntry.dll” program is only used for viewing or directly editing the info in the UD table.

If the UD table gets info from other sources (typically BPM’s), it’s best to use a dashboard to view, and sort the data.

One could customize the UDxxEntry form to filter what is displayed, and make fields read-only, but that’s what dashboards are for.

Hey Calvin,

Thanks for all the help. I got to the point of opening it in developer mode but how do you edit the form tho?

How exactly is this form usually used?

Does it automatically show data when it is launched? Or do you have to search for it?

If it auto-populates, then it might be using a setting in under Tools -> Options (on the menu bar)

If it is set to “No Action” then the loading of data/filtering is being done in code at the form level.

If I inherited this, I’d make a BAQ for UD09 just to see what is being stored in it. Maybe a BPM adds the records, and another BPM deletes them. Or maybe records only ever get added, and the form does the filtering of which to show.

EDIT: If the BAQ for UD09 shows no records, then that would be why your “tracker” is blank when it’s launched