Edit EmpBasic field based on a change in JCDept field


I have created a UD field called HourRate_c in the JCDept table.
I intend to create a UBAQ listing all records in JCDept so for when finance dept will change the rate for each dept in JCDept (they do this twice / year) , that change will affect all employees in EmpBasic having that same dept. (kind of automatize the process instead of doing this via DMT.)

I have I guess multiple ways to do this in a BPM MD (on JCDept.UpdateExt ) using custom code (can someone help me with the syntax of using the BO ? )
Using the widgets
Again can someone show me how to use them? I tried to use EmpBasic.GetList
but I was expecting I could set in the Specified parameters something like EmpBasic.JcDept = ttJCDeptRow.JCDept… but I did not…

Where can I find examples or if someone can direct me in the right path?



As you are on 10.2.600, create a BPM Function and pass parameter as JCDept and write code to update EmpBasic. Call that function from Updatable BAQ.