Edit list not showing GL account


So still working without a real accountant/finance brain here and we are seeing an issue on our edit list…no GL accounts are listed even though I’m seeing them on the individual invoices.

Any ideas why this would occur? The staff member filling in has done this many times in the past and states that she is following the exact same procedure, and I’m at a loss as to why they accounts aren’t showing.

If the amount is zero or the same account is on the credit and debit, the posting engine ignores them, and thus doesn’t return them to the report.

Thanks, Calvin. I’m not sure either of those fit. I have a group of about 20 invoices going to numerous GL accounts…but I don’t know enough to say for sure. I did compare with previous invoices and I’m not seeing anything different. I appreciate the response though!

Is there a GL Analysis tab under the Header tab? Of so what does it show?

Anything show up in the Review Journal?

If you were to post it, does it process properly?

I figured it out, I needed to run the GL Account rebuild and the Verify Balances processes…no idea what happened, but that seems to have been the fix. Thank you again for your input and help!