Editing Crystal Report in Report Styles

Either I haven’t done it or I forgot but how do I download a report from Report Style that is a Crystal report?

SSRS is straight forward but there is no option for Crystal Reports.

IIRC Alan, look in your \\Server\EpicorData folder under reports. They used to be pulled down over the file share in the past - along with the data in XML files in other folders.

I’m on public cloud though.

OH. When I was on Public Cloud, there was no Crystal that I knew of.

I think they no longer use crystal reports for Report Styles and have migrated to SSRS only.

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You can try that route if they will still help.
If not, if someone can provide me the deets,
I can help you get them down and back where they need to be.

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Getting to them isn’t the issue since everything required is under EpicorData. If memory serves, the Crystal Report process goes something like:

  • Report Job Submitted
  • Server creates the dataset of the RDD data and places it in the EpicorData\Reports\usersname folder as an XML file.
  • Locally, the Report Monitor would see the data was ready and downloads the XML file
  • The RM downloads the .RPT file
  • Finally, the Crystal Runtime renders the file locally in the Crystal Viewer
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If you run a Crystal Report, then go to the System Monitor. On the Reports tab, highlight the report and then do Actions, Download Crystal Report Data. It will download the rpt and the XML file. If you make changes to the report, you submit that via a support ticket. It’s one of the cloud options.


You can actually use the Dashboard designer to upload Crystal reports in Public Cloud. Just create a temporary dashboard and click Tools > Report Tools > Upload Report and navigate to your local Crystal Report.

Note: it doesn’t ask to overwrite files.