Editing Job Manager

epicor version 9.05.701

Is there anyway to bring in an additional field into these two grids?
I am fairly certain this is a system dashboard not one user built, but i’d like to add JobHead.AnalysisCode if possible?
I have tried via a personalisation but the field isn’t there.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Rowley150,
have you read this thread ? it has been discussed and solved in many approaches.

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thank you, i’ll have a read of this tonight and try to understand it.

a quicker way to solve my problem would be if the RMA job (JobHead.HDCaseNum is greater than 0) then somehow suffix the jobnumber with an “R”.
But i don’t know ho to do this…
The idea is basically to recognise RMA jobs in job manager quickly.

I always used RMA as a job prefix. This way they grouped together.


Is there anyway you can tell me how you did it?..(an idiots guide!)

Thank you

Sure, When I selected next job, I added RMA to the beginning.

I’ve made a few steps progress on this…
Using the attached document, brought me all the fields in from the table JobHead, which is great.
However, now when i compare the data to what it was less rows are returned, so i imagine i’m doing something wrong with the joins when adding a sub table view?

adding fields to a grid.docx (425.1 KB)

it must be just a tweak in the data tools within customisation

i’d appreciate any help.
thank you.