Efficient ways for Time and Expense Entry

Hi there,

Is there a way to optimize how time and expense entries are done?

In the case of my company, we are finding it difficult to manage the number of transactions we must do. Some sub-assemblies take <5 minutes to make, but require us to log time and quantities to that sub-assembly. Some entries take longer then the actual assembly of the part

When possible I try to get around this by “Backflushing” labor, but for single operation sub-assemblies you can’t select backflush otherwise backflush material doesn’t issue properly.

Another option we tried is phantom assembly for small sub’s, but some of these are serialized items.

Have you looked into Kanban jobs?

I have used Kanban for things that i just need to backflush material and labor for. Things that are generally made to stock and come from a machine shop.
when you report a kanban quantity is complete you are receiving it into inventory and the system creates a job, backflushes labor and material and completes the job

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Interesting! I didn’t know this existed. It will definitely help us out on our simple assemblies, but I’ll have to do some testing in pilot to see if it meets our needs.

Main concern would be for our main builds where we try to use 1 job for 1 item (Less inventory transactions, but more labor activity). This would include hundreds of parts that aren’t made to stock, but instead pulled directly into a top level.

So a lower level part that is linked Job to Job?
Kanban wont work for that.

Correct, sorry I should have added that to my post.