EFT Compile Errors

Anybody got some tricks for me to hunt down an issue with an EFT format file?

I built it in 10.1.600 and it works great. I move it to 10.1.400 and upon process payments, I get a less than useful:

I did regear the project for 10.1.400 in VS to test for any compile errors that may have occurred due to version differences, but to no avail, VS shows no warnings or errors.

So what’s going on on line 511 of your source file?

It looks like this:

Thats an error in the processpayment.cs (an epicor thing,althought I cant determine the exact line cause I dont have the source):

 RptParam = (from ttProcessPaymentParam_Row in ds.ProcessPaymentParam
                        where !String.IsNullOrEmpty(ttProcessPaymentParam_Row.RowMod)
                        select ttProcessPaymentParam_Row).FirstOrDefault();
            if (RptParam != null)
                if (RptParam.ElecPayment)
                    this.ValidateElecIntFile(RptParam.GroupID, RptParam.CheckDate);
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Does it happen with a different payment group?

Does it happen with the generic payment program?

No it doesnt. I am seeing something strange. I noted, there is a payment type set for the vendor in the offending server. I look at the working one and its set to None Selected. That is not an option however, and I cannot set it blank.

I think EI payments MUST have a payment type that says electronic so remove the blank payment type from the group and see if it works.

No i am saying the instance that works has Not Selected on the vendor I am using. I dont think its related though

Well… after too long spent I have the answer.