Email Address to show on the service call

Good day

I am tasked to bring in the email address which is shown on the Customer Contact Maintenance of the person/contact to show on the service call under the Sold To. I am unsure of how to do this and would appreciate anyone who can help me with this task

Foreign Key View with a SubTable View will provide this.

Other options are:
-UD Field and BPM

Hi Jason

Can you please give me more information and steps on how to do the foreign key view with a SubTable view please


While in the Customization, go to Tools > Data Tools. The first tab is the ability to create an FKV. In this case, you would add an FVK for Customer and then a SubTabe FKV for the Contact. The SubTable needs the fields that will define what record to display (CustNum, ShipToNum, and ConNum).

Thank you Jason I was not aware of doing it this way

There are more “efficient” ways of getting your data via code, but this is a no-code way that isn’t too bad.