Email SalesRep Upon Task Assigned User Change


I’ve been trying to create a BPM with ERP.BO.Task.Update pre-processing to send an email to the user assigned to the task that they have a new task. The goal is to send an automated email based on the drop down of the assigned SalesRep being changed from one person to another (or null to another) on the task list screen.

I’ve found that the SalesRep tableset is not linked to the task so any queries that I design do not allow me to grab the email address.The only two tables that are native are ds.Task and ds.TaskCnt, neither which carry the email address unfortunately.

I was able to configure the email to indicate the correct information regarding the task.

Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Take a look at the following for fetching info directly from the DB


The above is for setting a value in the DB (which one shouldn’t really do). The following is for fetching from the DB

@Brudy Here is a sample for HDCase tasks. I have it on Task Standard DD.

Email Alert on HDCase Task sample.cs (3.7 KB)

Did you ever get this to work? I have been stuggling with task assignment emails for a long time.

Mainly, our tasks can happen more than once, so the “ActiveTaskID” on QuoteHed might equal more than one Task line in the same company with the same TaskQuoteNum.

I would love to take a look at your fuctional data directive.