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We use ECM and have a workflow for Non-PO invoice approvals. Is there any way to modify the content of the email sent out from ECM? Current state is has only two things:

Our marketing department has requested it look … better. Is there a way to modify this template?


You would think that you could snag someone from the ECM dev team to help with this. It has to be a simple HTML template somewhere on the system wouldn’t you think?


@jdewitt6029 I did some quick looking around this morning and I cannot find anything that would allow this. I do have an insider - let me see if he’ll answer this question via email.

Mike, coming through with inside information… love it!

Well, we’ll see if he responds :slight_smile:

I did find this though. It looks like we cannot change it in any drastic way, as it seems to be one of the ‘global constants’ the system uses.

Find the version appropriate Constatns_en_US21.2.88.js files (where that last bit is your version) in the C:\Program Files\Astria Solutions Group\Eclipse WebUI\Content directory.

The second line is really a list of like 1000 constants and in there is the string we’re looking for. I have NOT edited and tested this hypothesis, but I might when I get a minute.

Yeah, I found that constants file too, but I think what Joe would like to do is change the overall look of it not just the verbiage.

I am wondering where they have the actual HTML template for the email including the HTML for the unsubscribe link.

I see this dot.js reference in many places which makes templates, but I am lost. Sorry Joe!

Yep, that is what i am looking to do. Our users have been trained to ‘phish’ emails that look suspicious. The default email sent from ECM looks suspicious to most new users who are not used to it. Trying to avoid the the confusion.
In addition, our marketing department likes to ‘beautify’ internal emails to make them consistence with our brand (whenever possible).
I also really wish we could remove the Unsubscribe link from approval request emails. That has been a source of woe too.

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Has teccweb said anything?

So yes, the file is all there is right now. The Workflow task that submits a workflow notification for approval submits the email as an ‘text/html’ email format with that Constant-String and the URL after it.

As for the Unsubscribe link - in the Approval task - there is a checkbox to override user preferences - this will send the approval email to those who have clicked the unsubscribe link.

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Good information Mike, thanks for updating us.

@utaylor So it looks like the email that we receive is that Constant + the Workflow/Invoice URL + the Unsubscribe URL + the closing tags… I think the core code does the concatenation and stuff before it submits to the configured SMTP server.

So I was playing with it - and I don’t know of a way (yet) to save HTML code as the Constant and not break the core code process of sending the email. We certainly cannot append anything after the invoice/unsub URLs, so signatures are out of the question at the moment. Best we could do would be some basic HTML without the head/body tags and see if the code just inserts our Constant “as is” and we get a nice HTML formatted email.


Is the core code included in a .dll?

Have you found the place where the code is actually executing this call?

nope - can’t say that I have the time to do that much…

Me neither. I was trying, but I couldn’t find it.

If someone can modify that portion of the program (the code that executes the call) I imagine we could put whatever type of styling we would like… maybe.

If it is the same template called for emails all over the system we could be limited.

Is this what you are refering to for the override:

We have it checked but it seems to be ignored.

Yep - that checkbox. It doesn’t prevent the UnSub link from appearing in the emails, just that this Approval Notification task will ignore any unsub requests to the ‘Approval Notifications’


Joe, do you mean “ignored” in that the user continues to see the unsubscribe link in the email, or “ignored” as in, the user actually clicked unsubscribe and no longer gets the notifications?

The standard (seeded) Approval Notification from the ECM WF [fired off to the approver if the ‘Request Approval’ task is checked ON] is pretty barebones.

If anyone finds a sane way to modify the approval request notifications from the ‘Request Approval’ task, please share.

E-mail capabilities from ECM WF are more robust with the ‘Send Email’ task, but that’s not seamlessly triggered to send to an approver for an approval request. I have set up a number of ‘Send Email’ tasks for non-approval request notifications and have been pleased with the ECM WF functionality. An example includes a Duplicate AP Invoice notification e-mail when ECM detects that a new invoice from IDC already exists in Accounts Payable within our Dynamics GP financials system.

I would also be interested to hear if – and how – anyone has set up request approval e-mail notifications using the ‘Send Email’ task. In other words, have you shut off the standard (seeded) notification by unchecking the ‘Request Approval’ step’s Notify checkbox . . . and instead, set up a ‘Send Email’ task to send your own custom approval request notification e-mail?

Eric - could you add the Send Email task right before the 'Request Approval" task - and set the Request Approval task to NOT Notify? That would cause the email to go out, with the proper link - AND cause the workflow to stop at the approval task.

Would that work?

Yes, Mike. I think that would work!