Emailing with APR - how can I 'send to self'?

I would like the APR “Send Email” function to ALSO send the email to the person printing the SSRS report/form. We would like to be able to then edit/attach and forward the message to the customer with much more info that is available in the Report/Form.

I’ve been playing with the editor in APR Routing/Breaking and I just can’t find a way to get the data I need. It doesn’t have access to the context information like BPM’s do, unless I missed something.

Anyone got an idea?


review your user account. check whether “BPM Advanced User” is ticked in your user account.

or add the tables to the RDD.

and check your company maintenance SMTP settings as well.

By insanely popular demand, for every Breaking and Routing SSRS Report Style that I create, my users always want me to create one called “Email Me” which will email the report to the generating user.

In the Email Template, I right click and use a System Constant called “UserID” which pulls the current User’s Epicor ID and strings it with So if I run the report and use the Email Me style, it will send an email to

Caveat: This only works if your employees’ Epicor UserID (leeb) is the same as your employees’ email address prefix (, otherwise, you’d could probably macgyver a map by setting up SMTP aliases in your email system.

Lee - thanks for that info. I was thinking the same thing but didn’t know if would take the mashup of field+text. Good to know that it will. As for my users, most of them match but some do not. I’ll get some aliases set up and I’m on my way!

Any other tips you may want to share with the group? (For us APR newbies)

Thank you very much!

Glad to hear that’s what you are looking for! As a side note, I was a little disappointed when I first started poking around under the hood of APR, because I assumed it would be just as robust as Epicor’s BPMs–with the ability to set variables and run custom C# code blocks–but after I went to the Epicor EUG Meeting in Seattle earlier this year, it became obvious during the DocStar sales pitch that they’ll probably never open that kind of power to the APR–because one could probably write their own document handling workflows. Those rascals :smiley:


Agreed, today was my first in-depth exploration and I too am quite disappointed. At a minimum, we should be able to get to the context information in addition to the standard system constants. Plus a little bit of the other functions (set value, query value, etc.) even if they don’t give us freeform C# blocks…

Totally agreed. I also wish I could send an email without an attachment. For example, I have a BAQ Report scheduled at the end of the day that emails our Internet customers their tracking numbers from that day’s shipments. The body of the email contains all of the information they need, but then they get this 55KB blank PDF file attached because there’s no way to turn attachments on and off. I hope they have plans to keep improving APR, because it really has a lot of potential.

Indeed - good features but much room for improvement.

Got another question - been playing with this and it will not send the emails. I’ve got BPMs that work just fine(and tested again to make sure) but nothing from APR. Restarted the App Pool/server and still nothing… I’ve checked all the log files on the server, made sure the task agent is working (I’m doing all of this in Test so a sanity check was in order), etc.

Did you have any issues with getting the mail to generate?

Hmmm I haven’t had any issues getting emails to send. If you’re not getting any errors in Epicor, maybe you’re getting errors on the SMTP Server? I’d double check Company Maintenance >> Email and Reporting >> SMTP Server/Port/Authentication just to be sure.

One quick test to rule out Epicor to SMTP issues would be to use the Email function in any Report (not from a BPM, but from the actual Email Button). If it sends okay from here, then I would expect it should send from APR with no additional configuration. If it doesn’t send, then maybe you have an issue at the SMTP server.

Lee - Checked both and all seemed to be working just fine - and then I noticed the typo in the email address. Thanks for the help!

Awesome! Thanks for the followup.