Embedded dashboard in UI Customization


I haven’t done this in a while and I wanted to make sure that I’m not missing anything.

I have created and deployed a dashboard assembly that I want to add to project entry using the Sheets Wizard in the UI Customization Editor.
The dashboard will subscribe to Project ID so that it’s data is limited to just data relevant to the current project.

I followed the sheets wizard and everything seemed to go fine. I did notice that there didn’t seem to be a direct link between Project.ProjectID and a field in the dashboard but I’m assuming it will find it because there is a ProjectID field included in the dashboard.

When I click the retrieve button on the embedded dashboard, the underlying BAQ seems to run forever. I eventually killed the app server process running my the test server to free up the Epicor client.

I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the BAQ but when I add a criteria to limit it to one Project ID, it runs within a reasonable amount of time.

I’m wondering if I’m missing something on my dashboard setup. I just created a new dashboard, added the BAQ and then deployed it. I made no other changes to the dashboard.
Is there something else I need to setup on my dashboard to get it to worked?

I would have to look again, but I do think you need to tell it the lookup

I also like to use the retrieve button option on these so the whole form
doesn’t slow down.



When you embed the dashboard you should have to tell the dashboard to subscribe to the UI data, you can pick how you want to do it. I typically include the retrieve button so a user has to active it and it’s not just running and causing performance issues.

After you tell it to subscribe then it should take you to a screen like this where you can pick the field that you need to subscribe to :

hope this helps!


Thanks Bobby. I did as you outlined for the sheets wizard but I was wondering if there was any particular setup that’s needed on the dashboard so that it correctly subscribes/filters based on the value in from the main form.

I do think that you need to publish the fields you want to subscribe to.


No I don’t recall there being any special steps in order to make it work after that. I assume it’s still not working for you? Are you getting any errors?

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No errors. I underlying BAQ just runs for a long time. If it does finally finish, it’s returning unfiltered results.
I’m playing with adding a filter to the dashboard with ProjectID = Dashboard Browse. It looks like I also have to mark the Dashboard Browse as primary. This seems to be working except that the dashboard is refreshing automatically even though I’ve included the Retrieve button.

Do you have left outer joins in your BAQ? I recall that being a problem if the field that I was trying to search on was one of the fields in the outer join. If so trying limiting it down to just one field or one table, get that working and then expand it out to what you need. What we did was in job entry. I wanted to have one dashboard that would show both manufacturing and vendor part numbers for cross reference. I had to break out into two dashboards though b/c of the left outer joins I was using.

Bob Almon
Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc.
540-941-1999 x 1965

I’ve tried adding a criteria on Project ID for a specific project on the BAQ and it runs fairly quickly. The Project ID field on on the primary table of the BAQ.

You must add a Dashboard Browse assigned to the ProjectID field so that the embedded dashboard will subscribe to the UI data.