Employee running 2 machines efficiency calculations

I have an Epicor issue that I was wondering if you could help me with. We use the Employee Efficiency tab in Epicor as a tool to look at monthly employee setup/machine/indirect times and efficiencies. This lets us know where we can work on training on the floor and determine if employees are a good fit for the area we are utilizing them in. As we have been doing this I have noticed some “flaws” in the numbers that lead me to believe the numbers we are coming up with are not exactly what we are looking to measure.

The reports are pulling machine efficiency per employee. The problem is if an employee runs more than one machine their efficiency is going down even though they are getting more work done. My example shows that an employee ran a machine at 97% efficiency for 8.25 hours. While running that machine he ran a second machine for 7.5 hours and achieved 78% efficiency on that job. The report is telling us he only achieved 88% efficiency for the day when it should be about 175% because he completed almost 14 hours of work in 8 hours.

Maybe I am using the wrong report and need to somehow measure the labor to burden hour ratio? I don’t want to be making judgement calls and assumptions based off of bad data. Typically I would see 88% efficiency and say, This guy could use a little training/help or I need to figure out why he isn’t hitting his numbers. Instead I should be seeing 175% and saying wow, this guys doing great.

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Some where the paid hours need to be factored in.
If you paid the person for eight hours and they got 12 hours of work done that should get you over 100% efficient.

@Jgratzii I don’t know where the Employee Efficiency tab is, but I found the Employee Efficiency Report and compared it to our BAQs for Productivity (earned vs actual) and Efficiency (earned vs paid). (attached) They don’t use earned hours with 0 labor hours from report quantity and we do.
COMP01-LaborEff.baq (29.9 KB)
COMP01-LaborEffDetail.baq (26.2 KB)