Employment Opportunity w/ Vantage (Seeking Help !)

I apologize for posting this type of message in this forum, but we have
been struggling for months on implementing Version 4.0 and to make matters
worse our controller requires to be at home at this point in her life for
family matters, which continues to hurt the implementation process. We are
seeking an individual with a financial / mfg. costing / controller background
and Vantage educated. We have been searching for weeks for an individual with
these credentials but have had no success. We are a manufacturing of store
fixtures and displays and are located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
vicinity. If any individual may be interested or know of anyone I would truly
appreciate it if you could call me at (215) 708-2811.
Once again, I apologize for using this wonderful tool for Vantage users
on this type of posting, but we have really taken a step back and would like
to regain momentum as soon as possible with the full Vantage implementation.

Gary Waldman
KRG Enterprises, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA