EMW Production Login

Is there any way to auto sign-in to the EMW app like you can in MES? We are working on deploying EMW but I have not found a decent way to have the shop employees log into the handhelds. In our current setup, MES has a generic shop account that is signed on to every MES machine. The employee then signs in with their employee ID. I have tried testing this in EMW with a barcode but have not had much luck.

We use EMW and I’ve not found a way.

My understanding was that EMW did support single sign in. We have not deployed this yet, and only have it running on Demo which uses standard Epicor security. I’ll have to do some more testing around this.

I know there a few Biscit people on here hopefully they will respond.

We use it from the Honeywell tablets and I couldn’t get SSO to work. SSO works fine for Epicor and other add on modules. But couldn’t get it to work in the EMW app.

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EMW doesn’t support Single Sign On, the barcode scan on the login page is only to set the connection information and is not designed to pass in a username/password combination

Thanks for the information. Also, we use Zebra MC9300 scanners.

The issue is with the Android intent output. Disabling the intent would work, I could then use a barcode with keystroke output and encode a tab character into the barcode. Disabling the intent though means I would not be able to use any of the other built in scanning features of EMW. I would have to do every form through keystroke output instead. I assume this is by design, but yes the intent output on the login page is only programmed to scan into the username field. Or you could setup the account with the username and password being the same… tap into the password field and scan a barcode just containing the username. It would fill the password and username boxes with the same data. Obviously that would throw up some security concerns though.

I have noticed on certain screens that there are no multi barcode options and to get the users to only scan a single barcode, I am using keystroke output anyway. May just end up doing this for every process and keeping the intent disabled.