Enable Purchase Type on PO Detail

Has anyone ever tried to expose the Purchase Type field on PO Detail? The help says it is only active if using European financials and it appears to be hardcoded. I can’t enable the field at all and when I tried adding my own field and tying it to the table it immediately grays out.

Where are you seeing that on the Detail?
only Type i see is on the header. and that changes if the PO is Customer Manager or Supplier managed.


can you still do field help in kinetic?

Yes. But it is in 10.2.500. It is called Purchase Code (but is called AP Purchase Type in Company Configuration).

What Form are you in on that screen shot. i thought it was a kinetic screen.

If this is what you are referring to, then I’m out. I thought this was an Ops question. I stay away from AP stuff.

@jkane I think this only applies to EU countries in E10. In E9 we had purchase types in use. In E10 they didn’t work. A user called support and told him where in company config to turn them on, so he sent the KB EpicCare Login - EpicCare on how to make them active to me. I then found out it was EU only and did not turn them on. If you search intrastrat on EpicCare there are even articles about how to exclude the UK after Brexit.

I got the error below tring to enable in our test environment.

@gpayne That link was to Commodity Code. Is Purchase Type and Commodity Code the same thing?

@jkane No they are not the same, but both are in the same group box in part class and my user was asking about purchase code when support sent him that link.