End Activity Custom button

Has anyone / or is it possible to add a custom button on the End Activity Screen that will call the UIRpt.MtlTags?
I need to print the NonConformances before clicking the OK in End Activity. Currently it is a checkbox that when checked opens up the UIRpt.MtlTags screen when the End Activity “OK” it clicked. I need to print before the Activity is ended…
Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, just did this recently. (For E10) but the principle is the same. Here write this function on a button click

string args = oTrans.BuildNonConfValue();
LaunchFormOptions launchObject = new LaunchFormOptions {
                IsModal = true,
                ValueIn = args
ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(this, "Epicor.Mfg.UIRpt.MtlTags", launchObject);

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Yeah … that worked like a charm. Had to tweak a bit, but results were great!

Thank you so much.

Glad it worked, please mark as solved so it can be easier for others to find in the future.

One little glitch… I didn’t get all of the information through in my data set. Missing the Reason and NC number and comment.
Any idea why it wouldn’t have captured that data?
Thanks again.

That’s because the report uses the data from the transaction itself and since you haven’t committed the transaction the data won’t show… That’s a guess… the reason code is set by the getTagInfo() function. But I’m guessing the report looks for the data in the LaborDtl record. Which is why End Activity calls this After it is done.

My guess is you are right. Now I just have to figure out how to get that info prior to ending the activity. I am pulling in the Employee ID from the Active Labor detail record. Any thoughts on how I could pull in that data also. I’m getting close to brain dead because I have been over thinking this for so long.

Can I ask why do you need this before end activity?

In our Material tag we need both the Current operation and and details associated with that operation and we also need the Next operation and certain details related to that operation. We also need to have the Employee ID and name displayed on the material tag. The only way I have been able to achieve this was by adding the Labor detail to the RDD and setting the Labor Detail.Active Transaction to true. That way I can pull in the current operation and details from the Active transaction record and the Next operation details is bound to the materials tag operation sequence.
This works wonderful for the Report quantity “Print tags” and the End Activity “Print tags” and “Print Scrap tags” because they are all based on the Active Labor detail record.
I lose all the data if printed from the NonConf checkbox, because that is not printed until the Activity is ended and of course then the labor transaction is ended so there is no data to pull in to the ds.
Hopefully I am explaining this well enough to make sense.

The LaborDtl record still exists after you are done, just remove the “ActiveTransaction” filter from the RDD? The Report sends over the LaborSequence and that should be enough of a filter. I believe.

I tried that but no luck. I set a message to display the values and I get the Part number; description; qty; Asm-Insp(Tag format); Rev#; Job #; Assembly seq; Operation Seq; S (?not sure what this is) ; and Inspection (which is the tag Title. What I am missing is the Reason (Bend) and the NCMR# (87157) and the Comment.