End of Job Operation

We have an end of job a fixed hours "Put away" operation. I don't want that
"Put Away" operation to constrain parts getting into inventory. My thought
is that if I make the prior operation the "Final" operation and the "Put
Away" the very last operation in the Job sequence then parts should flow
into the inventory without the constraint of the "Put Away" operation being
completed. All this has to do with the job tooling. We also want to
automatically "Salvage" the tooling back into inventory.
At the moment the bill is configured, Tooling pulled/viewed as a material
with the beginning tool prep operations in the "0" level of the bill, and
the tooling "Salvaged" at the end of the job. The final packaging operation
for parts, Operation "50", is marked as the final operation for parts.
Operation "60" is a fixed hours "Deprep".

What I would expect to happen with this arrangement is: Tool Prep operation
constrains Start of Job till complete. As Operation "50" completes parts
flow to inventory. At the end of job, Operation 60 constrains job closing
till complete and when the job is closed the Tool is "Salvaged" back into
inventory. Is my logic correct here, or am I off base?

Shirley Graver
Rubber Associates Inc.

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyway used Goldmine Contact Management software and intergrated it with Vantage ?


Janet Memmelaar
Vice-President Information Systems
Metal Cutting Corporation
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