Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

With cyber security being all the buzz right now (not all good). We are looking to implement a beefier endpoint protection system here. We are looking at SentinelOne at about $10 a seat per month.

Just seeing if folks in this group have added endpoint detection to their environment. If so, which product(s)? Any glowing reviews. Any products to avoid.


We looked at a few from the Gartner magic square (https://www.sentinelone.com/lp/gartnermq/) and went with VMWare’s Carbon Black (since we’re already using VMWare). We sleep well at night and it looks to be pretty much apples-to-apples with most of the leading software in this topic. It might be time to do another feature/function comparison with some of the others. The cost is the same and the deployment/management of CB is very easy.

We also used carbon black.