Engineering Workbench ( Group ID)

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I am struggling to find out exact use of field GROUP ID in Engineering Workbench.

1.What is the exact logic behind to create this field?
2.Why not only ECO number get used for all BOO creation or BOO revision?
3.What is the use of Group id field?
4.Any example to best describe the field.?
5.Do we have to create new group id every time with new ECO? or You can use only 1 group ID through out all product /part every revision?
6. How Can i find which part no revision processed through particular group ID? If i only remember group id ?


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Group ID is required. You use it to check out your parts. ECO number is an optional field that you can use if you wish.

We use Group ID as basically personal check out books. I’m working on this stuff, and it’s checked out to my groupID. I may have more than one if I want to keep things separated. I can only have one groupID open at a time, and whatever is in that list (checked out) is shown. We reuse the same one for a long time. If the group gets laggy (which is sometimes does if it’s been used a long time) we may make a fresh one. But that’s not often.

We don’t use ECO number. We are not that well organized in the company.

It would be perfectly acceptable if you wanted to use the groupID as an ECO for your business process. You could also have multiple GroupID’s with the same ECO (for example if multiple people are working on the same ECO)

Whatever you want it to to be.

GroupID is required ECO is not. That’s just the way epicor set it up. Like previously stated, if you wanted to use the groupID for ECO number, that’s acceptable.

That’s what controls the list of what is in the revisions when you have the engineering workbench open.

see above

Nope, You can re-use it, you can also delete them if no parts are checked out.

You can make a query on the ECO*** tables. They will show you checked in parts as well.

Keep in mind that the ECOTables aren’t really a true history. For example, if I check out a part and add part A at a qty of 1, it will show up in the tables that way. But if I check it out under the same GroupID and change the QTY to 2 and check it back in, it just shows 2. It doesn’t keep a record of the old stuff. If you want the record, you need to make a new revision and leave the old on alone.

All of what Brandon says. In the Actions menu, you’ll find Group commands that make it easy to perform actions against the whole Group: assign ECO, Approve, and Check-In for example.

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Hi Branerson,

Thank you very much for your detail reply… I am now much clear on this than hour ago.

Very well explained. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mark for your valued input.

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