Enhanced QA - Force Completion of Inspection Plans

I am looking to create a BPM that will force the inspection plan on operations and purchase orders to be completed. Currently the system has a soft warning, however I am looking to force the inspection plan to have data entered before moving on. Has anyone done something like this before?

I am not the best with BPM so any tips would be great.

I know that the table I am looking for is InspResults.update and I am looking a method directive for preprocessing that would start link to a condition with a BAQ for inspection results if number of rows is > 0. on the false side attach a raise exception. Is this correct?

Were you ever able to get this to work? We are looking to do the exact same thing too. I tried using the Labor.CheckInspResults method directive but then raise exception displays along with the soft warning.

What I found is that the BPM is very complicated and that its a lot of work to set up. Decided not to take this path.

That is what I am seeing too with the BPM. What workaround did you decide to do to get it to work the way you expected?