Enneagram Test - Anyone had to take one of these?

Ok, we were seriously required, by our HR department, to take this Free Enneagram Test:

(Please don’t give them your email address!)

I’m wondering what people’s opinions (or “Feelings”) are on this. PLEASE make me laugh about this because I’m so disstressed that they are making us do this that I want to cry. :tired_face: I’m sure that makes me some sort of overly emotional personality type. :crazy_face: I mean, come on, I’m in IT, my personality is I don’t like people. LOLRH! I’m not totally against personality tests, in their proper need and usage I guess, but I don’t know how anyone can make a personality assessment off of these ridiculous and contradictory questions with only true/false answers! Just thought this might give people a laugh at some of the questions being asked here.

I had to take two tests for a job offer one time. One was an aptitude test and one was a personality test. They came back to me and said that I got an “amazing” score on the aptitude test but my “personality profile” didnt match their company’s needs lol


Oh no! (Insert Sensitive Laughter here - because I am a sensitive personality type :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) I know, sometimes the results could be scarring…

Don’t sweat it at all - even with that seemingly Bi-polar conclusion :wink:
We do these for all non-laborers in the company. There are some interesting statistics to be derived, but the way they present and twist the questions around, in the end it cannot predict anything with certainty - and they(HR folks) all know it. I did about 20 of the questions and this one just seems to be an emotional stability assessment rather than a reasoning or leadership assessment. I can’t even imagine what they think this might indicate that could be equated with ANY possible course of action - let alone having SWAT show up! LOL!

Also - it’s very possible that they are concerned about a specific employee and cannot make them take the test without having everyone else do it… we’ve done that before too…

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LOLRH! :joy: :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking: :neutral_face:

Thanks for making me feel better @MikeGross…uh, I think… (nervously looking around at my other co-workers) I never thought that HR could possibly be concerned about another employee. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: LOL!

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“But thanks for applying Mr. Kaczynski. If something opens, I’ll email you at … says here 'unibombr1@…”


:laughing: We asocial-IT types need to band together against the tyranny of HR! :crossed_swords:

Seriously though - those HR folks are sneaky. Gotta keep your :eyes: on them.


I’ve taken several (aptitude, personality, and one for determine the best methods to be managed by).

the one personality one was obviously dated with a question that begins, “You’re riding on a streetcar …”, and another that referred to “…a coworker reading a newspaper at their desk.”

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LOL! I love it! So true! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on them! :crazy_face:

<-- Type 1 Moral Perfectionist

Which is what makes it impossible for me to write a one line email (or post here). Theres too much oppurtunity for my intended message to be misinterpreted.

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We use these a lot in our hiring and they are actually very insightful. When we find we’ve had to let someone go and we go back to their profile we see how it could have gone that way. Over time we’ve learned what traits to watch out for, for certain positions, and what have been surprisingly good for others. It’s pretty neat info.

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Being required to take a personality test for a job is massive BS, but they are fun for personal growth.

I was an intern at a company for a WHOLE year, then they wanted to bring me on full time. Well a part of that was having to take a personality test to see if i was a good fit…even tho I had been there for a year already.

Needless to say…I failed the test pretty badly and my boss had to fight to get me that job.

The test was pretty stupid. Like would you rather steal or lie types of questions.

And whoa…the questions on this test…SMH



Oh my gosh! That’s terrible! I know, to make getting a job dependent on a personality test is ridiculous. I agree personal growth, with a proper personality test with results and suggestions that could guide you, could be helpful.

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A quote I like from the link below: “We are not simple models that can be described by types. Humans have infinite complexity.”


I’d be careful that your analysis isn’t via “selective data”. While some of the people that you let go may have had similar test results, how many “good” employees share those as well?

There are a myriad of tests that can be taken some are good and some are bad. The ones that get to the root of what type of learner someone is, how they interact with others, and what type of work ethic they have, are absolutely valuable in the hiring process.

Say you want to hire someone for Sales and their personality test indicates that they don’t like communicating face to face with others, that’s something then you can directly tailor their interview to.

Is it something you can base hiring on entirely absolutely not, but it certainly aids in the interview process. To deny personality tests would be to deny the science of psychology as a whole. We’re not all as unique as everyone thinks people are predictable and have patterns of behavior. If your garage and car are an absolute pig sty there should be no reasonable expectation that if you tell me you’re a neat and organized person at work that I should believe you LOL.

This isn’t one we use for hiring, but is fun and will nail you to a T because it’s not all just BS https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

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I know companies that screen on personality tests. If you dont match exactly what they want on the test…you dont get an interview.

For sure but that’s the point of it, you look for common themes or patterns. It’s not just one piece of information you focus on my post above expands on the approach.

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I found several them having conflicting traits within the question. Like:

Deep down I feel like there is something fundamentally flawed about me which causes me to feel different, unique, ashamed and misunderstood.

Well what If I feel different, unique, and misunderstood. But not ashamed?

Being a techie…

(feel different == TRUE AND feel unique == TRUE AND feel ashamed == TRUE AND feel  misunderstood == TRUE)

since feel ashamed = FALSE the above statement is FALSE.

Or would they expect an answer of TRUE because 3 out of 4 (a majority) were true?


Yes not a good way to handle it unless you are incredibly large and can be that picky. The issue is some people also know how to manipulate them. We only give them out after someone has been through 2nd round interviewing (phone, then first face to face)