Entered Forecast does not show up as Demand/MRP Job in Time Phase

I have entered multiple Forecast Demands for an assembly; one month from current date and 4 months in the future and both do not show up in Time Phase as a Demand or MRP Job for the material in its BOM. The Forecast and the Sales Orders reflect in the Assembly Number’s Time Phase, but does not affect any of the material in its BOM. We are currently at Epicor 10.2.300.41. By chance have there been any glitches at this version?

Sounds like there was not an unfirm job created when you ran MRP. I would check the log for the part number and see what MRP and the scheduler are doing.

Do you have a released method for the job? Also, are there any errors on the resource callouts on the method? Is the part improperly specified as purchased? (This is easy to do, as the driving value is in Part/Sites/Detail tab, and can differ from the value on the part header. It’s plant-specific).

Thank you for your input. I will check this out. It sounds like this will be the fix. I appreciate your help.