EORI numbers on forms

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I want to put ours and our customer’s EORI numbers on the QuoteHead. What is the best practice for doing this? I have added the respective text boxes but there is not binding to the Company Config or Customer table available. Should I create a BPM to do it or is it a Customization. I feel it is a customization and the code is probably simple, but I don’t know it.
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I would use a BAQ dataView to preform this.

        supplierSourceBAQDV = new BAQDataView("TEAGLE-CustomerSupplier");
        oTrans.Add("SupplierSourceBAQDV", supplierSourceBAQDV);
        string pub1Binding = "OrderHed.CustNum";
        IPublisher pub1 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pub1Binding);
        if (pub1 == null)
            string pubName = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
            oTrans.PublishColumnChange(pub1Binding, pubName);
            pub1 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pub1Binding);
        if (pub1 != null)
            supplierSourceBAQDV.SubscribeToPublisher(pub1.PublishName, "Customer_CustNum");

The fields may not match your needs you may need to change that, create a BAQ with the two columns you want to display and go from there. Very simple.

Also check out @Carson his videos explains it. Epicor BAQ DataView - YouTube

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Thanks for this Aaron, I had a feeling it would be something along these lines. If I use a BAQ dataView, will I still need to add a UD column to the table? I’m just thinking about the printing side of things as we will want to print these numbers on our customer docs.

As long as the UD column is present in the table you want to query? i.e Customer_UD with Dealership_c you would need to include Customer in your BAQ with that field displayed.

My BAQ is

  • Customer_CustNum- Subscribing Field (BAQ Field)
  • Order.CustNum (OrderHed Field)

CustNum in Customer will bind to the OrderHed.CustNum pulling the information across.

You can then see your BAQdataView in the Binding section of customisation.

I hope this helps.

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In SSRS can use linked and description tables to join tables together.

Once you’ve got this just add the fields to your RDD and update the SSRS with the query fields matching the RDD i.e

OrderHed > Linked Column (OrderNum) with Description fields (OrderHed.FOB) add it to your RDD Query with T2.OrderNum.FOB might be T3,T1 you will need to check.

Once you’ve done this, just add the field in the fields section of the report (make sure it’s a Query Field) with matching RDD (OrderNum.FOB) and the information will display.

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