Ep UD Characters

My client is using some of the UD Characters i.e. CheckBox01, Character01, etc. How can I know where and how they are used. For example, in Part Maintenance CheckBox01 is EngApproved I can see in the part customization based on the label next to it. I can also see in a BAQ Display column “Eng Approved”. But is there somewhere else where I can see that this is what CheckBox01 is meant to be used for?

My guess is that your system was upgraded from an earlier version - V8 or E9?
When upgraded to E10, only populated UD fields were uplifted to E10.

In the earlier versions, Epicor included canned/constrained UD field series for each table - could not add UD fields. Then there really were no rules on “…meant to be used for”.

If you re lucky, someone kept track of the details, e.g. maybe there is an Excel spreadsheet laying around somewhere?

If no documentation… I’d start a hunting expedition.
Check UD table maintenance to find all the UD fields that have those generic names.
Customization maintenance. looking at custom components for each customization
And I’d query the BAQ/BPM tables too.

Wee :frowning: