Epicare Emergency Line

Is there an Epicare emergency phone number to call when you have a major outage? Such as our company-wide Kinetic outage we are experiencing at the moment

Unfortunately, your best bet is to open a ticket and hope they get to it. You can try escalating it, but that’s no guarantee.

Ours was down over the weekend and the response I got when I escalated was:

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With our contract, we have (had?) an emergency email.

We haven’t had to use it in a while, so I’m not sure if it’s still active, and I’m pretty sure I’m not able to give it out. :cry:

I’d check with your CAM to see if that’s an option.

Epicor Support direct phone number is 888-374-2679. I haven’t called it for years, but option 1 was the “server is down” option for direct connect. I’ve never had to use that feature… good luck!

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All the contacts I had went dead. :sob: But they weren’t arranged by a contract.

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KB0035098 has a link to a “Epicweb - Contact Epicor” page (Epicweb Sign In) with an Epicor Support Management Contact List PDF listing names, phone numbers, and emails by product line. I’ve had success in the past emailing senior management folks (pg 11 & 14) when an issue is particularly urgent, even sometimes on the weekend.


Just to add for anyone in the world wanting help.

This is what the page looks like. Link in the previous post