EpicCare Portal problems

Tried to open a case, but the required fields of the form (which usually provide a search feature to validate your input) come up blank

When I click the search icon

in the Select Asset/Module filed I get

If I copy the text from an existing case and paste it into the field, I get


Iā€™d open a ticket with Epicor about thise but ā€¦ :neutral_face:

Iā€™d contact your CAM or CustomerService@epicor.com

Mark W.

I had this last week. Pick the Product line then the Assets populate. Took me a few minutes of banging till I found it.



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Is your maintenance plan up to date? Can you view any of your other open calls? We had an issue where Epicor did not process our annual maintenance plan on time and we were not able to create new support calls.

I had to select the Product line field first.

They must have moved the fields around on the page, as I never ran into this before.