EpiCombo auto width ignored when using BAQ results as datasource

I have a combo box with the width set to auto, control size. It takes the whole screen width though, and seems to ignore the auto width setting. The BAQ results are not long, and do not require the crazy width it is making. Anyone dealt with this before?

cmbOSBHook1Backleg.DataSource = dqa.QueryResults.Tables["Results"];
cmbOSBHook1Backleg.ValueMember = "UDCodes_LongDesc";
cmbOSBHook1Backleg.DisplayMember = "UDCodes_LongDesc";
cmbOSBHook1Backleg.AutoWidth = true;
cmbOSBHook1Backleg.AutoWidthOption = ((Ice.Lib.Framework.AutoWidthOptions)(1));

I believe this has been an issue forever, I’ve certainly seen it in since early E9.

Set a manual width, problem solved?

Try setting the format for the UDCodes_LongDesc in your BAQ to x - instead of x(xxx). Then your dropdown will follow the width of your control.

That did what I wanted.

it’s still not working for me, the width still didn’t change in query results . Can u explain again the format x instead of x(xxx).


Make the format “x” in the Display Fields.

I tried already but still nothing happens sir.

Can you show a picture of the problem?

I’m trying to display the full characters in query result in the column display.

(not complete display)

(query result for display column should look like this)

Ah, that is a different issue but I am not sure why that is a problem when you can just resize the column?

I’m using this baq also as data source to my baq combo same with the title problem . When trying to access my dropdown it is also not showing the complete display.

try changing all of them to x, not just calculated display.

Ok sir, i will try that later when I got home. Thanks

Actually, I am still not sure if I understand your issue - is the drop down too large for the content or too small for the content?

Too small for the content, even if I set autowidth = true still nothing happens

if you have the format set to X the drop down menu is whatever size the control is. Have you resized the control?