EpiCombo not displaying values when expanded

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a custom screen which utilizes several BAQs to grab data from the client. I’m currently trying to take the resulting DataTable object from a BAQ and populate an EpiCombo box with the values from my BAQ. I’m running into a couple issues with this.

The code snippet where I’m trying to populate the EpiCombo with the DataTable is below:

// partWhereUsedDT is defined earlier on - I have verified it does contain the records I am wanting.
// cboPartNum is a custom EpiCombo
		cboPartNum.DataSource = partWhereUsedDT; 
		cboPartNum.ValueMember = "PartMtl_PartNum";
		cboPartNum.DisplayMember = "PartMtl_PartNum";

The first issue I’ve encountered is once I click on the combo box to expand the values, the combo box ReadOnly property gets set to “True”.

The second issue is even when I set the ReadOnly property back to false in a Click or BeforeDropDown event, the combo box doesn’t contain any values and won’t actually expand.

Why is the EpiCombo marked as read only after I bind it to a DataTable? Am I doing something incorrectly?

Are there additional steps I need to execute to allow the combo box to expand with the values? I don’t need these values bound to anything or saved in any way. They’re only serving as information points for the user.

Why not use a BAQ Combo? You can even filter the values if needed (look for BAQ MArkup).

Hey Jason, I tried that as well but I need to be able to silently pass a couple parameters to the BAQCombo without any user interaction. If I just bind the BAQCombo to the BAQ, the user gets prompted to fill in the values as soon as they click to expand the list. If it’s possible to do this silently without user interaction I can absolutely do that. I just don’t know how.

As opposed to parameters, would you have data from the current record that you can pass into a BAQ Markup?

My last response was vague I apologize. I don’t think I can use BAQMarkup in this instance and I’ll do my best to explain why without going too deep into the weeds of this customization and its intended purpose.

The form I am customizing is is based on the UD01 form. I have hidden everything on the standard UD01 screen and started from a completely blank slate:

This customization is intended to be a screen where users can kick off a process rather than store data so I don’t want anything stored in any UD table.

In order to use BAQMarkup, I believe I would need to set the EpiBinding property of the field I want to use as my parameter to JobHead.PartNum. I could then pass in PartNum as a parameter to the BAQ. The problem is, JobHead isn’t on this form since it’s a customized version of the UD01 screen. I could try to bring in JobHead to this form, but that would require a foreign key view unless I’m mistaken. Since there isn’t a reference to JobNum (or any other foreign key) in the UD01 table, I don’t think I can use a foreign key view.

If I have completely misunderstood your suggestion I apologize. Does my reasoning make sense or am I totally off base?

Ah. That would prevent you from doing this.

First off, really appreciate you taking time out of your day to respond. I know you are busy and I’m very thankful this community has such knowledgeable individuals who are willing and able to assist!

Is it possible to assign dropdown values to an EpiCombo in this way or am I trying to shove a square peg into a round hole? :sweat_smile:

Use an EpiUltraCombo instead. It works better for what you need (get a dataset and display values).

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You are a saint thank you so much!