Epicor 10.0 client issues

We recently moved our e10.0 instance out to the cloud. We are experiencing a strange issue. The client itself runs fine if you are constantly in using it, HOWEVER if you step away from your desk for 5 or 10 minutes and try to use the client again it locks up for up to 2 minutes before becoming usable again. This includes trying to simply close it down.

To compound this issue, making it more frustrating to run down, it works totally fine if you use it via remote desktop on the same physical network as the data center.

I do notice in our logs a repeat of this error (windows event logs) and I am not sure if this is even related or just some other error

We have tested network latency, bandwidth, look at our routing tables, etc etc.

I also tried setting up a dashboard with auto-refresh enabled and leaving that open while the client was idle.

ServiceModel Audit

Message authentication failed.
Service: net.tcp://wi-e10/Epicor10LiveApp/Ice/Lib/SessionMod.svc
Action: Ice:Lib:SessionMod/SessionModSvcContract/Login
ClientIdentity: [redacted][redacted]; S-1-5-21-37501489-2815060397-3382858097-2688
FaultException: Invalid user ID or password.

Hello Nick, welcome!

Most users who are “far” from the server will have a better experience with an https application server instead of the net.tcp, which is extremely sensitive to network disruption.

On your workstation (with the client program launched), use the Alt+Tab to bring up the Session manager:

do you see something like:

Note that we are On Prem and use windows binding, so ours shows as net.tcp. Does yours?

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Yes, correct we are using net.tcp

We do know that SSL would probably fix the issue, however due to extensive customization upgrading to 10.2 or 10.1 would not be a quick fix. It may take us months to complete QA/testing etc

I’m not certain what you mean about using ALT+Tab to bring up a session manager. ALT+tab switches between open programs in windows and the session manager is not amoung those

Maybe it’s just my “workstation” (which is running windows server 2016 over RDC - but the E10 client is acutally installed and running on that workstation)

But doesn’t matter as you confirmed you’re using net.tcp

Since you’ve ruled out upgrading to a version that supports https (for a while), what forces the instances where the client needs to be installed locally?

Maybe the quicker workaround (until you get to Https), would be to resolve whatever is keeping everyone from using it as an RD app. What’s the reason for them not using it?

We are looking into our licensing to determine if we can support RD.

We also have many plants nationwide and we know that a switch to RDP will result in a lot of training efforts so we were hoping to resolve this issue before doing that.

Thanks for all your replies thus far

Is it truly “on the cloud”? Or is it a remote datacenter that you can have a VPN tunnel to?

sorry, yes it is an “on prem” deployment we migrated to a data center

seems we’ve got two topics on this. lets close this one out and just use the one at:

Ok no problem. Will do