User upgraded to Windows 10 and now Epicor freezing when machine is idle

Need some help with this as we have exhausted most of our resources trying solutions. We have one user who has her Epicor screens freeze if she stops working in the app for a short period. If she walks away for a few moments, when she returns, Epicor is frozen. All other apps are working fine with no problems.

We have cleared any customization, changed out her computer, connected her to a different network switch/cable, etc. Any ideas??

This happens to me any time the Internet connection is lost or my computer goes into hibernation. When she leaves for a few moments is it long enough for the computer to go to sleep?

Is the client installed on the machine locally or running as a remote app?

Just for fun have you tried altering her license timeout value on her account. It should not be related, but you never know.


Is this a desktop or laptop? Network card have a sleep/lower power mode?

Has the screen saver kicked in? Computer set to “lock”(require you to enter your password) after a certain time?

Does it happen if the user logs in on another users computer?

One last thing, open the System Monitor and make sure there isn’t some task that that is trying to run and restarts when session manger restarts.

The client is installed locally.

@Evan_Purdy I’m thinking this is what is happening most of the time.

I run Epicor 10.2.400 on Local and Citrix - sometimes I keep it running for 3 days without ever logging out, no issues. I have both SSO and NonSSO Versions.

@Hally We haven’t done that but it’s worth a shot!

@ckrusen It’s a desktop computer. I’ll check with IT to see if the NIC has a sleep/lower power mode. Yes on the screen saver/lock mode but it’s not 100% of the time happening when the computer is “asleep”. IT gave her a brand new computer with new cards, etc. in it, changed the patch cable in the server room, etc. When Epicor freezes, we can’t look at the System Monitor. I’ll have IT look at it when it’s not frozen to see if there is anything “hidden” that we aren’t aware of that may be running in the background.

She is an AR person, so she does shipping paperwork and invoicing. The only other thing running on her computer at the time is Outlook.

I connect by using Remote Desktop to a virtual machine on our network, then run the client locally on that computer. If I have the client program open, and “Disconnect” the RDC session, the client keeps running. We also use Remote App / TS (or what ever the thing builtin into Windows server) that allows the client to run on a server in our netowrk, but be presented to a user running the “Remote App”. IT has a 15 minute timeout on Remote App connections. If you reconnect, your session is resumed. If you wait too long (like 2 or 3 hours), the Remote App connection is closed - which includes terminating the running client.