Epicor 10.1.500 Upgrade - AR Balance Update Process

Following the upgrade document (Epicor10_ReleaseUpgradeGuide_10xto101500x.pdf) and in section 3.1.3 it says we need to run the Balance Update Process if we use the AR module, which we do. However, one of the parameters the process asks for is a Fiscal Year / Period. Here is the relevant part in the manual:

… so I looked back at what that ConversionParams.xml bit is talking about, and found this:

Anyone know what this is talking about? Where is a Transaction Date being stamped, and what are the “updated data records” it is referring to? Main question is, what fiscal year/period should we plug in?


Adam Nofsinger

I opened a support ticket issue with Epicor on this one, and got the response that Epicor Support does not in any way help with upgrade / installation of Epicor. I can understand - at least I can understand not helping with an actual issue during upgrade / installation. I was hoping they might make an exception to just explain one little bit of the manual better to me though, but no such luck.