Epicor - Anyone have significant issues with upgrade? here…

We wanted to ask anyone who went up to the 34 patch if they experienced any big issues afterward, and what they might be. We are planning on updating at the end of Dec. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Hi John,

There is a cost issue with .34

Dear Customer,

This is a notification that a costing issue reported within the Core Application, If you use backflushing within job costing and are on an earlier version of 10.2 than the versions listed below, please contact support to receive an expedited fix: GA 11/31/19
10.2.400.14 GA 10/25/19
10.2.500.3 GA 10/23/19

You are receiving this notification because our records indicate you are on a prior version of 10.2. If you feel you received this in error, you can update your version information on the portal by going to the Configurations > Product Configuration Profiles menu, or please let us know so we can help correct the version information we have on record.

Description of issue:
Incorrect job costing when backflushed is being used.
This is causing incorrect variance (MFG-VAR) calculations on jobs.
Multiple scenarios were found and corrected
Dollars to Inventory are not correct
Dollars seem to be doubled using the Qty x Cost Components

Dollars remain in WIP since the job is closed
This is also causing Negative Material if depending on the costing components of the part.

Unit Material:
Unit Labor: (too high amount going to inventory)
Unit Burden: (too high amount going to inventory)
Unit Subcontract: (Not cleared out of WIP)
Unit Material Burden: (Not cleared out of WIP)

EpicCare Customer Support

So maybe go with .33

Ben, maybe I’m mistaken, but it appears that the 34 patch has the fix for this issue, since if you’re on the 34 patch this issue doesn’t apply.

Is that resolved in Release notes mention an issue fixed for the CaptureCOS process.

Are you saying that if we are on 10.2.400.9 we are going to experience this issue?

We were on before this weekend and no one from finance alerted us about this issue.

I just got off the phone with Epicor Support about this issue. The problem for 10.2.200 users was introduced in patch 32, fixed in patch 33. They recommend going
to latest and greatest patch (35 as of this date) to avoid it.

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what about 10.2.400?

I didn’t ask about .400 or .500, you might want to open a ticket with Support. If they followed the same pattern as they did with .200, they introduced the bug
in patch 400.12, fixed it in 400.13. Don’t hold me to that, however!