Epicor - Epicor Client - Azure

The sysconfig is a CLIENT file, not server. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish pointing your clients config file to the server that points to the server. You have some recursive logic there blowing my stack :wink:

e.g. -
The syconfig is a local to the client config file that points to which server you want to connect to. I am not sure you wired that up to even try.

FYI - File based access to blobs in Azure are COSTLY. Something like 10K more expensive to just having a blob in azure. Spend some time in the Azure pricing calculator and be seated when you see the delta :wink:

Your local client installation (or bootstrap installation) has the DeploymentServer uri value set to a Windows Share: β€œ\DevoirEpicor\ERP10.2.200.0Deployment” which has to be accessible from the local workstation in order for the Auto-deployment to work. In addition to a Windows Path / Share, Auto-Deployment supports anonymous HTTP and FTP so you can set the deploymentServer uri value to β€œhttp://devoir-demo.southindia.cloudapp.azure.com/ERP10.2.200.0Deployment”.

That site will need to be configured to allow anonymous access, Static Content, and Directory browsing. Base site directory would include the ReleaseClient.zip file and also a Client directory and in the Client directory a Config directory with the proper client Sysconfig files - devodemo.sysconfig in your case. Essentially the exact structure as laid out for the Client deployment on the server.