Epicor - Epicor Client - Azure

Can anyone guide me with the steps towards accessing my Epicor which I have installed in Azure Cloud portal so I can access from my local pc?

What is the procedure to have the Epicor Client deployed in my pc in order to access the server from Azure Cloud ??

Hello @balu,

During the Client Installation (download the client from EpicWeb), you will be asked for the URI of your application. It is of the form: https://< server >.< domain >/< live or test instance > so a typical SaaS user URI is:


Mark W.

Hello Mark,

I was trying to setup separate SAAS environment, so I am facing the issue in client installation.

Below is my url when I try to access the server which is sitting inside azure cloud portal.


I could not find any client installation path to proceed further.


You should have an instance on the end there. Usually something like “/ERP10”. Are you sure the server-side has been installed correctly and is up and running? If I put that URL in, I’m not seeing anything returned. You should at least get an IIS service screen.

Make sure you have the firewall and virtual networking all configured to allow access. There are a lot of moving parts in Azure that can block access to endpoints.

Yes I understand Mark, I too don’t see IIS Service Screen and /ERP10 is coming inside the azure portal but not outside azure portal.

Is there any document like Standard Operating Procedure to do the settings in Azure for Epicor which lists down step by step? If such document is there it will really be helpful for me.

Hi Bart,

I have ensured firewall is enabled for both 80 and 443 ports. in order to allow access. Rest other parameters I hope so, but if I have any document which lists step by step procedure then it will be of great help to achieve my outcome.

Hi, you can start reading this post:

I assume you are just discussing the VM in Azure. Not the networking for your azure environment. Remember, in Azure you also have a software defined network you need to own. It’s not as simple as standing up a VM and having everything light up on the web.

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Thanks Jaicker. Let me read it as well

Hi Bark, I am trying to use Azure cloud fully for Epicor Since I am new to it as suggested I need to see whats inside the software defined networks as well.

I deployed Epicor Web access client and added the host name in the windows config file. I am able to access Epicor server through Web access, which I believe it is called as Epicor smart client. Now need to see how to achieve the client installation. As the Epicor client installs are available in C drive of the virtual machine, need to check how I can access the installer from my local pc so I can install the Epicor client.
Wish to have some instructions guide from you if any prepared for Azure cloud portal. I am happy to send my email id as well to you.

Did you look at the Azure XenApp option as well? It requires an additional license from Citrix, but the users can run the full client in a browser without ever having a local install. This replaced their Azure RemoteApp a few months ago.


No Not yet. Is trial version available to use and see the outcome?


thanks , had a quick look. have requested trial version with them.

Above screen shot error I am getting when I try to run the client from my local pc, having the server in Azure.

Can Epicor Web Access which I am able to use will solve my purpose by being a client?? How many users can log in using Epicor Web access same time?

That error is just a vanilla pathing issue, nothing to do with E10 per se.
What is that path for your client?
Does your client have access to that file?
Does the file exist?

No, as the files are residing in Azure cloud VM machine . and I am not having access to it from local pc. That’s the piece of steps I am missing I believe, and how to get the access to VM machine c drive from my local pc, so I can start accessing the E10 client.

Looking forward to have your guidance and help on the same from you Guru.