Epicor 10.2.7 MS Project Import - Create WBS Phase Jobs

I am working in Epicor 10 presently and looking to import an MS Project file into an Epicor Project Entry.

I have been able to successfully export a project structure out of Epicor, brought it into MS Project, modified dates and durations, and re-imported the CSV file back into Epicor. Have also been able to create new checklists and WBS Phase jobs from an external file as well.

Now looking at bringing in a new WBS Phase Job as part of a CSV import file. Have been able to update an existing, released phase job using the Epicor MS Project Import/Export functions, but still working to import a new phase job with operations. Continue to get errors that the new job cannot be found or created with any permutation of the suggested Job/Job Assembly/Job Operation structures and Resource Group syntax to date.

Looking for any help to identify the correct syntax and row structure for the CSV file to help facilitate the import and creation of new WBS Phase Jobs using the MS Project Import feature.


Hi Russell,

Did you managed to do this?