Epicor 10.2 Testing Configurator Method Rules

I am not sure if others are experiencing this issue but in 10.2.400.3 we are experiencing an issue with the testing of the method rules. I know, I know, testing method rules is archaic and you don’t get very helpful data like any changes that are made to the quote, order, variable information, etc. You were always able however determine which materials on a BOM were kept or not which is great when you just want basic information in initial development to determine if certain phantoms are kept or not without approving and creating a job for the configurator.

Anyways back to the issue at hand, the configurator in the old Epicor (10.1.600.11) would show you which parts are kept and which are not.


Now in Epicor 10.2.400.3 it seems we no longer care about the parts are aren’t kept. I also can’t confirm that it is only the parts that ‘kept’ that are showing up.

I was curious if any other people of the e10 community were experiencing the same issue?


That is an interesting change.